Director of Rugby

Aslam Abrahams has successfully coached Vineyards since 2009. His ties with the club runs deep as the great grandson of Vineyards founding member Moutie Moerat and son of Vineyards vice-chairman and previous team manager of one of Vineyards’ most successful era’s (the late 80’s and early 90’s) Khalied Abrahams.

His accolades at the club includes:

League champs 2010

Knock out champs 2010

Sevens champs 2011

Tens champs 2011

League runners up 2011

Tens Champs 2012

In 2012, he was appointed as coach of the WP woman’s side

Before his arrival in 2009, Vineyards struggled to field 3 teams, yet alone think of winning trophies!

Now Vineyards boasts over 100 registered members and a practice field over flood with players.

His efforts over the last 4 years has earned him the right to be acknowledged as the key pioneer in the resurgence of Vineyards rugby.

History will say that it was Aslam Abrahams that started the Vineyards revival in the professional era in 2009!